SmartFace is a face recognition software. It allows you to turn your face into a MIDI controller. ​


You can control all compatible hardware (multi-effects, synthesizer, software, etc ...) by video processing your various expressions. Assign a part of your face to a desired effect. Customizable according to your desires, SmartFace will serve your creativity.


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The SmartCam is a USB video camera that has been specifically designed and optimized to get the best latency and accuracy possible.

It is the ideal complement to SmartFace.  

  • ​Enables reducing up to 10 times the latency compared to a standard webcam.

  • Works in a dark and lightened environment  such as a concert stage

  • A more accurate and a much higher efficacy.

SMART AUDIO TOOLS, 8  rue Molière, 59000 LILLE, FRANCE.           TEL : +33 (0)6 68 20 37 79

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